Patrick M. Roskam

Projects, Endeavors, and Friends

Personal Blog

This is my is kind of outdated at the moment but I am working on fixing that! More adventures to come!

Everest Initiative

Blog that myself and my good friend Tim Layton both write. Documenting our addiction to climbing and pushing ourselves...oh and our failures.

Bourbon Tees

This site is something that Tim came up with that we both work on to get a little extra cash to offset Tim's travel costs for when we climb. Buy stuff.

My GitHub Profile

This is my public GitHub. Super early projects and other bits O' code. Check back here to watch my code progress.

My LinkedIN profile

I work on keeping this up to date for prospective jobs, networking, and ideas. The connections are out there.

My Instagram

I post pics of random adventures both near and far here. Give me a follow and we can see some things.

The Salty Peach

This is my good friend Valerie's site. Do yourself a favor, check it out and cook something. Her recipes are absolutely amazing.